Right Track Database (sql.js)

GitHub repo: right-track/right-track-db-sqljs

This Node module provides an implementation of the abstract RightTrackDB Class using the sql.js module. This Class is used to query the SQLite Right Track Database containing the GTFS and additional Right Track data. The SQLite database is generated using the right-track-db-build module.


This module does not directly require the sql.js module. However, the web-accessible path to the Web Worker version of sql.js must be provided to the Right Track Database import statement.

const RightTrackDB = require("right-track-db-sqljs")("/js/worker.sql.js");

When creating a new instance of a RightTrackDB, the Right Track Agency configuration and a Uint8Array representing the database data must be passed to the constructor.

let db = new RightTrackDB(agencyConfig, dataArray);

For documentation on this implementation of RightTrackDB, see the /doc/ directory in this repository or online at https://docs.righttrack.io/right-track-db-sqljs.

For documentation on the abstract RightTrackDB Class, see the source code available at https://github.com/right-track/right-track-core or its documentation at https://docs.righttrack.io/right-track-core.