'use strict';

const RightTrackAgency = require('right-track-agency');
const feed = require('./feed.js');

const moduleDirectory = __dirname + "/../";

 * RightTrackAgency implementation for the Long Island Rail Road
 * See the Right Track Agency project ({@link})
 * for more information.
 * @class
class LIRR extends RightTrackAgency {

   * Create a new RightTrackAgency for the Long Island Railroad
  constructor() {

   * Check if this Agency supports a real-time Station Feed
   * @returns {boolean} true if Station Feeds are supported
  isFeedSupported() {
    return true;

   * Load the real-time Station Feed for the specified Station
   * @param {RightTrackDB} db The Right Track DB used to query GTFS data from
   * @param {Stop} origin The Origin Stop
   * @param {function} callback Callback function
   * @param {Error} callback.error Station Feed Error. The Error's message will be a pipe (|) separated string in the format of: Error Code|Error Type|Error Message that will be parsed out by the Right Track API Server into a more specific error Response.
   * @param {StationFeed} callback.feed The built StationFeed for the Stop
  loadFeed(db, origin, callback) {
    return feed(db, origin, this.config, callback);


// Export functions
module.exports = new LIRR();